Love and Hatred

Oluwanifemi Adetola2022/05/26 13:18

This drama is all about Love and Hatred between families and friends. And it had a great effect on them. The scenes wil be posted weekly.

Act one scene one

5:00am(Nigeria time)

(Adeolu's Family sitting in the parlour doing the early prayers).

Mr.Adeolu:Good morning to you all,I hope you slept well?Let us pray!Mommy can you pray for us?

Mrs.Adeolu:Yeah!In jesus Name,Lord we thank you for this morning,thank you for protecting us while we were sleeping in the night....(leads the prayer for about 2 minutes).In jesus name we pray,Amen.

(Mr.Adeolu read the Bible and asked questions from the children and ended the family devotion with a closing prayer).


Tola:(Rushing out of the bathroom)I must not be late for school.

(Tolu in her own room dressed already while Daniel went to the kitchen to help mummy).

At the dinning table

Mrs.Adeolu:Dear,I will be late at work today,so please help me to pick the kids at school after the closing hour.

Mr.Adeolu:(Looks at his wife) I thought we agreed on this late duties at work in the night to stop.Aren't there lots of workers in the company to help you?

Mrs.Adeolu:I know it's just that my manager gave me some work to do and it's kind of difficult for me to be through with it.So I have to make sure that I spend more time on it and it's going to be for a week or more.

Mr.Adeolu:(shocked)what!!! Why can't your manager consider that you have a family to attend to.

Tola:Dad,let us just give mummy a chance to do her work.The three of us can take care of ourselves including you we are good!

Daniel:Yes dad,you don't have to worry about anything.

Mrs.Adeolu:You see,you can hear that.They can take care of themselves.

Told:Dad,just bear with mum.

Mr.Adeolu:Okay guys,have heard you.

Mrs.Adeolu:Thank you so much my babies.Thank you for understanding.

(Daniel and his siblings smiling)

Mr.Adeolu:The three of you are so funny Hurry up and eat your food so that you won't be late due to the traffic.

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