Good morning Life


A poem about how life treats every human.

Good morning Life

I looked out from bed of red hearing the chanting of birds and bleating of goat,

I saw Life pouring out wines that drunken anyone who dines with her,

from her vines as she was adorned in her white cloak.

Then came in storming majestically her beloved, Reality,

And I saw how dreams have been deferred,

And dreams dreamers have been conquered,

Like dew drops on the morning Lilly,

Which become drenched with dew and die at morning.

Good morning Life,

Thanks for making dreams dreamers to throw away their dreams.

Good morning Life,

I'm glad you are a place this morning I can contemplate,

How your dew soaked others who might have won the race.

Good morning Life,

I'm glad that not even metaphor can decipher in-depth your source of energy,

To make bugs bugle in the grass and make travelers snuggle up in their paths.

Good morning Life,

Thanks for making Irony to become your son

while paradox Weds him with glittering truths far back as old,

Where birth rights were sold.

Good morning Dear Life,

You have done harm to those who came harmless and blameless,

Scorching up their skin up to their bones,

Now they have to sit far and alone.

Good morning Life,

Thanks for promising to be a family,

But seeing the strong willed struggle,

delights you happily,

While they delight in you gloomily.

Good morning Life,

You promise to be a brother in time,

And a mother along the lines,

But we have hardly taken the first tour,

now all I see is your back.

Good morning Life,

Thanks for sharing with me the affection of reality,

The double mindedness of Irony,

Giving me contrast between expectation and his cousin reality.

Good morning Life,

Thanks for sharing with me that betrayal is all I can get from life,

And I have nothing to change it,

And that I have to make it that way.

Good morning oh dear brother Life,

You have shown me how one must suffer only to find his sweat sweet in the mouths of men who never made any help.

Good morning Life,

Your back has become turned as a sign of betrayal,

as he storms in on me and rip my virginity apart,

Thus leaving me with the sorrow to ponder on as a far as my morrow.

Good morning Life,

Yeah you have done all these to me,

And you still claim to be my friend,

Giving me promises of light at the tunnel's end.

Good morning Life.

© Gabriel T. Saah.

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