Goldiink2022/05/23 17:44

it's a poem dedicated to all who has lost someone or is suffering from one sickness or the other. Cancer at most


My whole life, I'd never known any girl stronger, brave and determined to live..

She was a girl who spent her whole life circled around this four white walls

with that beeping sound always reminding...

She never lived : She spent her whole life fighting

She was a survivor... (in my words) 🤐

Moremi, a 12 years old girl born in the western part of Nigeria in the west of Africa..

Some times I can't take my head and mind off thinking of her

Each time I tried, my memories jogs back to her chubby face and innocent dark eyes

It almost made me feel she was trying to reach out to me for help 😔

Yet I couldn't help her....

At times she puzzled her mind to thinking how the outside world would be like and would turn out to be

Sometimes she looses hope..

Yes she fought (smiles) 😔

Yet this sickness fought harder

For a kid like 12?

Twas too much for her to cuddle...

Yes she was brave 🤐😫

The bravest girl I've ever seen

Yet this sickness was a terrorist around her walls

Yes she determined to live

And spend all the dreams and nightmares she saw at night

Yes she had a great life ahead of her

But this sickness....... This sickness was a threat to her every aspirations

This sickness chocked her every chance....

There were times when the doc and all his team

And her body temperature begins to drop

And her body systems begin to fail

When everyone must have done all they could

She would just jolt back on gasping air

And the tears in her mother's eyes

And scare in her father's

She always wished one day the hands of the doc would let go

The hands of family

The hands of loveones would slide out

And let her drown in the pit she was birth into.

Her tears were terrifying..

It wasn't a sight to behold.....

Today, we lay this Same lad

Six feet deep into the soil : this surly earth

Today Cancer has won again

Today it celebrates again

A soul down...

And all we could offer is a shed of tears?

And all we do is to scream the name of God blaming him and asking silly questions why!!?


What we need to offer is a cure

To all those fighting one sickness or the other out there

You are strong

You are brave

You are determined to live

But this won't end like every other sad story

This won't end like Moremi..

I've lost a girl, I've lost a niece..

Adieu Moremi....



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