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On the stage is DAVE, guy in his twenties, he is averagely decent, he seems to himself a busy guy. He seems to be looking for something as he checks in weird places. KETH, a more decent guy enters, he is attracted to Dave restless searching.

KETH: hey, what have you been doing lately?

DAVE: (still focused on his search) Looking for things.

KETH: Good...that's....sorry....what do you mean by things?

DAVE: (panting) don't know, but I'm trying to see things that are beyond the mind of men.

KETH: (surprised, confused and at thesame time with interest) And...where can they be found?

DAVE: (stops, he thinks) In the unusual places!? (he resumes searching)

KETH: (confused) can we start this conversation over again because it does not make sense.


KETH: Hey, Dave how have you been doing lately?

DAVE: Trying to escape the troubles of my world.

KETH: (concerned) How?

DAVE: By looking for things beyond this world?

KETH: (relaxes) in all your searching...have you tried looking for the Author!?

DAVE: (stops, he thinks) Author....? Why should I be interested in looking for the Author? (he resumes searching).

KETH: when you meet Him, you won't need to keep searching.

DAVE: hmmm....

KETH: He will give rest to your restless searching.

DAVE: (stops, turns slowly to him) and....where...where do I look....?

KETH: in this book (stretches a Small book with black cover to him).

DAVE: (wanting to collect it, then hesitates) only-in-this-book?

KETH: only in this book!!!

DAVE: (relief) that makes things easier (snatches the black book, begins to run out. Light begin to fade as his step fades away, he stops, the light brigtens, he turns back to Keth) what is the name of this powerful book again.

KETH: The Holy Bible.

(Sharp blackout)


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