Ghaith2022/05/22 04:35

he wants to cry for how much he misses her

anger, arrogance and pain made him rush a decision.

a decision he came to regret.

left with nothing but sadness and a broken heart.

A heart he broke on his own.

A heart who can't be happy for itself.

arrogance beyond imagination.

anger he pretended to contain but he cannot hide.

ceaseless pain he inflected upon himself and those who loved him.

she was the peace a dream lust a passiona filled desire a fierce love that cannot be contained.

she was indeed but he who cannot love himself cannot love others.

now left alone in sea of dispair a sea of his own making a sea of tears.

tears cannot reverse time or undone what has been done.

stranger their were and now they are.

he yearns to hear her voice again

to see her once more

he swore that he changed but she is gone now you are alone now like it never happened.

was it worth it

say you rage

your rage brought upon us only loneliness and suffering.

he stares into his soul only to see a spring running red from his heart dripping on the ground to draw the image of his pain

an image made out of rivers running red

rivers of sadness rivers of blood. rivers which sprout out of his heart.

A dying heart raging with pain for it cannot be happy.

a heart yearns for her the beauty

as, the darkness years for the light.

A bleeding heart with dried out eyes.

he is not to be envied nor he is to be felt for he is a manifestation of his own making.


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