Rutainikwa2022/05/19 06:10

She missed the joy of the city lilies because of earthliness _wild lilies.

All her life consumed in a dream

dreaming of a city,

the city in the east

where forever life hides,

the city where worry foots not

_worry of today or of tomorrow;

the city with far more beautiful lilies

than one here could just imagine,

she day in and out longed,

longing for the city lilies.

It chanced once at last

and through the woods she walked

up to where the scent of wild lilies

all around enticed her to keep around

and just for a minute she stayed behind

picking and packing wild lilies

and resumed again towards the train

the only train to the city

which just a minute before reaching

left her covered in the smoke moaning

for she was just one minute late,

late for the only train in life.


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