Masibanda2022/05/15 04:21

Where I come from, Zimbabwe, most teenagers taje their lives after they have separated from their lover and it should stop


Stop. Just stop

Stop taking your own lives due to love.Halt

Each and every single day, we hear stories about suicide. Ok fine, love is good but could you understand that there's more to life, yes love is there but there's more to life than just love. Parents take you from day zero teaching you many things, they show you love. God even shows you unconditional love that no human being on earth could ever. Now you take your own life because your partner cheated....Grow UP people. We loose all our strongest soldiers this way and I say Enough is Enough. Love is a weakness for some people don't let it be yours. Our brother's are in Graves because they have lost to a battle called Love. How should your mother feel, she thought she made your heart strong for 9 months but you let someone break it in 2 minutes. Respect your mothers. There's more to love. If we keep on loosing people like this then senzeni? Todii? What should we do. We all know the pain is tough but suicide is not an option, we all understand that there are a lot of pressure but that's why we have social workers, talk to someone. Just know, the whole world would rather listen to your story than attend your funerals. At this rate, mjolo is now considered a pandemic on its own, look how it's taking people, just look. If it continues like this then then I'm afraid i have to ask senzeni?


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