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We spent most of times indoors, we took advantage of the sun, the nature, our loved ones and even work places and school, little did we know that there was going to be a time when we will not be allowed to go outside to enjoy the sun or nature, we can't go outside to meet with loved ones, we can't go to physical work or school. Little did we know that walking outside of our houses would be a problem. Now Covid19 has ruined a lot of things, a lot of events have been cancelled. Weddings, parties and even funerals. Covid19 isn't only swallowing people but also our happiness too. People are dying but their lived ones have to count how many people should bury them. Someone's son is getting married without their father, it's rather they are late or they can't go anywhere. This pandemic hassnt only made us stay indoors but it has also brought new rules to life.

1.Wear a smask all the time

Wearing a mask is one way to keep everyone safe but if we keep on wearing masks, our future children will think the mouth is also a private part. Talking of the next generation, it's sad because they are never going to know what it's like to play oitise with other kids, they are never going to know what it's like to go to physical school, they are never going to know what it's like to do sports with other kids. It's all sad. Joe Biden once said "every bad situation has a good side, let's focus on the good side" what is President Joe saying? He is saying yes there is a pandemic, yes we are not allowed to move around, yes they are saying saty I dlrds but the good thing is now we can spend time with out families, now we can get time to know our partners, some of you feint know that your daughters like chocolates, now you do because you are spending time with them. It's time to saty in your house and getting to know your wife or husband, both of you are going to fight, fight fight but the end of the day you are going to sleep next to him or her.


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