Africa and hygiene

Nameless2022/05/14 10:17

Based on the little things ignored that cause mayhem

Basically ignorance is the mother of consequencies but the truth lack of know how is the mother of accidents. The rich Africa continent in healthwise is categorically in these themes, with the populated continent full of ignorance and lack of know how heqlthwise,not to blame them,we might somehow say its the economic block that leads to this. One point to hit hard on is the rise of the most infections in Africa led by the so known culturally or we say cost evasions.

The artical mainly is to emphasize and campain for usage of sterlized tissue and wipe papers. Many regions ignore the fact this is the most healthiest practise esp to our daughters and moms not to forget men fall down in this lane. Avoiding a token can bring to incur a fortune cost. Some parts are used to use of leaves which by nature may be carrying toxic micro organisms that may lead to severy effects name it even cancer. Fibroid can be caused by a little lay from a poisonous worm 🐛 found in most green leaves. Some leaves when rubbed may cause dangerous irritations due to produced harmful chemicals. Though its wise to use herbs,its a genius move to use them correctly. Avoiding skin diseases esp to our sensitive parts is vital. Campaining for the use of right tools for the job is my aim. Lets use sterlized tissue papers and wipe papers and comfortably we live and healthy we stay. Support my campain for a better Africa better world. Not to forget this happens either for ignorance,lack of know how or economical challege


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