Storm Bee2022/05/13 22:15

Death is inevitable, unpredictable, and undetectable.


Death like fate, respect no faith

Death like a stubborn child

Respects no parents who chide

Death, sent by the deity as a reaper

Knows men's time like a time keeper

Unknown to a man, it rings a bell

Of a known time of passing

Then a man drops dead

And his cups and corpse, people dread

A man is cut off from the sinful world

And can no longer hear or say a word at death

As an umbilical cord is cut off from the belly at birth

Very hot are the cold hands of death

Who dare shake those cold hands?

Death shudders shoulders, even to the bones

Who dare remove from that dusts, stones?

The daunting stones that shelter a grave

Who dare, for the death that kills, crave?

Death takes dear ones and then their dearth

Death takes the wicked and then they are week

Who dears board the plane of death, even gratis?

The plane that must crash, in spite of practice

All of us shall die one by one

The rich and the poor

The blacks and the whites

Like condemned criminals that await firing squad

Death, even this painful day of death

When a man enters the tomb

Is more joyful than the day of birth

When a man leaves the womb

Howling as if he is going to die

Death, even this painful day of death

The dead Is wrapped in white shroud

A sign of joy and purity

But his mourners wear black and bark

Like sympathizers who cry more than the bereaved

A believer that is sure of heaven often asks

What is death that people dread?

A sure way to heaven and rest with God

Enjoying freedom from sin and toil

When the body enters the soil

Do not come to me, oh death!

Till the hairs in my head become white

Like a bleached cloth

Do not come to me, oh death!

Till I develop the third leg

The leg that is not natural

Do not come to me, oh death!

Till I sell all my goods; my couture

And empty my cloths sack

Then my grievers may not wear sackcloth

At my funeral


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