Storm Bee2022/05/13 21:44

Money makes a man stand out among thousands It also makes a man have respect


UnpublishedStorm Bee

Too much of everything is bad

Money is everything

So is too much of money bad?

You have all the money

You have all the money

You are a paper that smells

And make men to smile

A light paper that makes men heavy

When they have bundles

See their joy in bundle

You are a rectangle

That makes men rest at all angles

A paper with a seal

That men steal with zeal

Money makes a man first

And his opinion seconded

A paper that makes men right

Even when they are wrong

Money has no mouth

Yet it speaks your language

You have money

You have money

The affluent feel insecure

A disease difficult to cure

Running helter-skelter

From their shelter

At the slightest shot

It is not whether you have money

It is whether you don't have mourning

Because you have money


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