Tell me, who am I really?

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Tell me, who am I really?

Tell me, who am I really?


Brahma, Bishnu, Maheswar,

The creater, the preserver and the destroyer,

I am He, I am, 

The name, God the supreme I proclaim.

I the source,

The land, the water, the air, the wealth and the warmth.

I in you and you in me, 

God's claim,

Me the source, I govern.

Power on earth that governs,

Men, muscles, money, I the He,

Call me not, it's chauvinism.

Woman, wine, wealth are the pleasure, I capture,

I am,

The one, 'I am' is worshiped,

Subdue the earth, I do comand.

Mouth, arms, thighs and feet,

Each of them sourced from me.

Women, I know they are in each, 

Verna and jati, I call it's me.

God is me, it's my hegemony.

Tell me, who am I really.

Dwit David Philip

Patient's attendent

Utkal Hospital, Bhubaneswar, Odisha



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