A wife cry for help

Presh2022/05/13 16:14

You know at first, I thought it was my fault like I wasn't doing something quite right..🤔

I downloaded a truck load of recipes just in case it was my bad cook🍝🍲🥗🥣🍛🍜🍱

I do his laundry with my bare hands, not because we don't have a washing machine, but because I wanted to do it just RIGHT🤏..

I starve to keep SExy👩‍🦰

I do everything humanly possible to be a good WIFE...I even fasted for weeks and observe🤦 midnight prayer ..

I didn't want anyone to judge him, especially you because I was scared you'd hate him..

Wumi is it a crime for a girl to love her husband and hope for a miracle?😪

So what changed now?💁🙄🤷

REALITY. it's obvious that the miracle I so wish for isn't going to happen🙈..

He gets worse by the day...

I don't know anymore🥺

Wumi I fear, I fear that someday I will go to bed alive and wake up DEAD..

Didn't you see the signs before you said "I Do'"🤦

Didn't you?😒🤨🙁😕😟

I don't know...🥺

Moses wasn't always like this, at least not when I met him five years ago.💭.

Maybe I rushed it..😞

When the beating first started, I thought he was stressed so I readily forgive him but then he got worse and worse..

I had four miscarriages.. FOUR 😪but he still wouldn't stop beating me ..

And the good will letter from fans started to come in...I started to get letters✉️, invitation🧾 to sing,gift packages🎁 ...and it seemed the bigger i got, the less important he appeared and that made him so mad😠...A far cry from the man I thought I knew and loved🥰...

I don't get it Remi, why are you still with him?😳

Hmmm...I'm a Christian, a gospel singer👩‍🎤..

Do you know what that means to people out there?😩

I'm a role model, a minister of some sort my music gives inspiration to millions of people out there ..

So tell me, how can I allow the devil to destroy all that by pushing me to divorce?🤷

My vows to my husband can only be broken by infidelity or death, atleast those are the only grounds the Bible 📖 recognizes ..

And yes Moses is monstrous but his as faithful as can be even I can vouch for that..

So tell me, WHAT DO I DO?🥺


I'm dumbstruck 🤐



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