Joseph M. Kings2022/05/12 14:42

Night dreams grant me to VisualiZe

From being a real me

To a Chosen Future Me

In a NO Man's Land Executed

To Make me Feel like Elevated,

With Full Energy to be Assured,

Of the two choices occured,

In the Future of the Dead,and,

The future of the resurrected,

The Golden Voice will be heard,

From the Unseen underworld,

Loudly Shouting Written Words,

On the Sky and on the Grounds,

With Powerful Thunderstorms,

Shaking every Point Vigorously,

Trust me Nobody will Know When,but,

The few minutes of the Last Dozen,

To be Filled with the Last Coin,

It will be a Manipulated Ion

The Machines will always Speak,

But the Creators will always Seek,

The Knowledge of a True seeker,

From a Coordinator of the Universe.


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