Bunnu2022/05/12 11:35

Story which never comes true


Someone is so far from me,

I don't where and how is she,

Let's see,

I'm solving this love mystery,

Dreaming our love story,

Not hopping for a victory,

But remember I'm expert in robbery,

Idk how!!

Bt it's jst happened,

We knw everything happens for a reason,

Since I saw you, you are my only passion,

Loving you is my only relaxation,

I knw for i belong to the lowest section,

You are multiplication n I'm fraction,

You r my Wanda , may I be your vision?

I knw you are taking it for a grant, ( gratend)

Promise as a couple if we live I'll pay a rent,

I knw we both taste different,

We work different, rest different,

You are a wine girl with fruits,

I'm a bundle boy in hidden route,

I don't believe in 4ever,

But angel lyk u not seen before,

I'm suffering from love called fever,

I want to impress you, pls do me a favour,

I'm sorry, may be i can't afford range rover,

Bt promise u I'll b besides u when get hangover,

You drink? Just drink more,

I'm there to take care for,

In nightmare only we four,

U me and our souls,

Your one hand busy in holding heels causes holes,

Another on my shoulder which smells,

Then i say love you and you say love you 2 to the hell,

Illusions? May be i forget to take my pill,

Don't worry you chill,


Love never kill,


I want to kiss you,

Lips later, forehead first,

It's a love story, Just*


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