Is Loving You What I Want chap 1

Maddness magnett2022/05/13 19:59

Love is a good thing and is very cool now let's take a look at when two teens love themselves unconditionally even after tragedy


(Daniella on the phone)

   Umm leo could you please come over yeah babe am even on my way leo replied please be quick I need you Grace said

       U most be wondering what the fuck is this well you see this are two teens 15 and under 15yrs of age who are in love Daniella lives with her short tempered aggressive uncle who beats her up and threats her harshly while leo lives with his elder sister and both are happy the teens in love both lost their parents to a bus accident and that's how they met .

 Hey Dani what's the matter did ur uncle hurt you tell me please you know I can gather men to beat him up right , babe the last time you did that he almost died Daniella said , ok I'll tell you why I called you here she said pushing the young boy unto her bed as they where in her room she mounted him and started kissing him , he never resisted cuz they where just kissing but then she moved her hand slowly down to his dick while still kissing him and then Leo pulled out , no no no no we shouldn't and can't be doing this relax hun I want you today and am gonna get u she said Daniella listen to me we are not having sex Leo said on his part ok Daniella replied with a frail voice I really wanted to feel like a woman your woman but I guess am not yours and we're just hanging out but babe Leo tried to voice out don't you baby me leave me alone, we could both loose or virginity and u know somethings might not turn out right he said , I want you Leo please she voiced with a sign hey babe I think I know what you have remember I told you there would be a time in a girls life  when she wants sex so bad ur having that phase and I gotta a drug for that he said I know I have the phase and I like it and don't need a drug cuz you are mine so please fuck me Daniella replied he couldn't deny and they had sex .

         You see Leo is not actually a good kid if you thought so because of the things he told his girlfriend he was a virgin though that's before they had sex , Leo is a tech genius from Cameroon living in Nigeria and is inspired by iron Man/Tony Stark and he creates gadgets similar to Tony's

          Oh God that was so fun Leo said and Kinda good you wanna do it again Daniella said wouldn't I hurt you again Leo replied no Daniella said with a laugh then dey did it again and again and again four times , they had a bath together and Leo was on his way home giving his lady a goodbye kiss while on the road he was so puzzled thinking of the things that could go wrong then he stopped and told him self think positive for once .

 While on Daniella side she was happy and thinking about what had happened even day dreaming about it and smiling .

Leo arrived home and saw his sister already back and Daniella's uncle was back from work.    Follow me and check either my profile or wait here for chap 2 


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