Timmy poet2022/05/11 15:25

The pains of losing ones parents But in-between lies hope in knowing that God is always there for you




The midwives urged the woman in labor and in tears

Please don't give up on him.

The poor woman amidst the pains,

Saw hope for her seed and held on.

A few minutes laterthe baby was out.

With a cry on his lips

He knew his journey just begun

a trek to the unknownand full of uncertainties.

The woman out of stresslay down quietly on her bed.

A few minutes later,

she sat up and asked of her child

Held him in her arms and with a sad look, she cried tears of joy

her tears fell on him as he smiled with hope

it was his first baptism of love

a water to keep the seed growing even in the times of difficulties.

Take the child,

she handed him back to one of the midwives and went to sleep never to rise again.

But with hope that, the baptism of love will guide her son's part in the darker world.

Now he's an orphan

But you are not alone

God adopted you a child.


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