The Mysterious Sum (Based on True Incident)

Unknown2022/05/09 12:21

A Mysterious Sum That Was Never Found Again

Hey all my dear friends. My name is Daulatdeep and i m from India.

Today i'm going to share a incident that happened with me and it changed my life.

It Was Monday and as regular i use to go to school and after that my tutions , So as regular i went school and after that at 3:45 my tution was there. So at 3:30 i took shower and went to tuition. Till now everything was fine but after that a incredible incident happened with me. My Teacher gave us a sum to do which was quite difficult but i was capable to solve it. So i started doing the sum.After a minute i told sir about my answer and it was fully correct. I was in joy and i started telling the other students sitting near me but....... When i saw on my notebook again the sum was lost. I thought i might done it on other page so i started seeing every single page but unfortunately i could not find that. I was quite depressed that what has happen. I started telling other students about that but no one bielived me . I took my notebook to sir and told the sir about my incident . Sir quite bielived me and he started finding the sum but he too could not find the sum. I was nervous and my heartbeat was quite fast. Sir advised me to pray to god for my wellness as he thought my mental health is not well. I took the notebook and went back to home. On the way i was thinking about just one thing that was that sum. Since now the sum is a mystery. So its all what happened. I hope u enjoyed the incident but for me its a fearful incident till now. See u soon guys , By.

Yours Truly



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