Alada thesmallboy2022/05/09 09:21

All night long

Lost in deep thoughts

My life has been long gone

What's left is just a skeleton

You keep on saying I hold on

Everything feels like death

Am afraid am depressed

My life is in a dead end

I can't see nor feel yeah am so dead

Life's not good I've been hurting

Trouble calling , bad thoughts keeps hunting me

The river is flooded

the sun still shining

And the earth is rising

All aganist me and I've got nowhere to run to

This is the part I think of suicide

No! don't tell me that you don't like

While there's no one is on my side

I can't come out all I do is hide

I better be blind

Cause I don't like what I see

I don't know how 'good' feels like

Am afraid of the light someone come fetch me

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