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She got the eyes of Aphrodite that attract the world 

Your beauty is power , your smile is the sword 

Oh you got the wisdom of abstract of the past 

But your beauty is the promise of my future


Your beauty and perfection made you conceited 

Oh dear angel your outer beauty attract the world 

Your inner beauty captivates me 

When virtue and modesty enlighten your charms 

Your beauty is brighter than the star of heaven 

The influence of your beauty power it is in vain to resist 

Since love my love grows within you , so beauty grows 

For love is the beauty of the soul 

Dear Aphrodite you got the greatest assert which is beauty 

You are indeed an Aphrodite 

Your eyes is little brighter 

Your skin is little more dewy 

They vibrate at a different frequency 

Youths is happy because he has the ability to see beauty 

anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old 

Dear angel let’s me happy and see that mighty beauty forever 

Please stay and hold me forever 

Let’s me have you Mrs beauty and not grows old forever 

 Poet: Erudite Arewa Habeebulahi 

Mighty pen 


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