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       I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock and almost got blinded by the rays of sunshine peeking through my window. I checked my alarm clock, 7:00am, school is by eight. I came down from my bed and started brushing, when I was satisfied I spat out the paste and rinsed my mouth. After brushing I bathed then went to my closet, I don't really have much clothes so I put on a white t-shirts and an almost faded blue trouser then put on a sweater. I can't wear short sleeves even if I did I always had to put on a jacket because of the way my father always grabbed my elbow leaving marks on them.
         I sighed when I looked at myself in the mirror. I didn't even bother applying make up because it was of no use, I was just a plain girl who lived a plain life. After staring at myself for sometime I put on my sandals and grabbed my bag then headed downstairs.
        Please let him not be downstairs, please let him not be downstairs. I prayed as I went down the stairs, I heaved a sigh of relief when I saw that he wasn't there, I didn't want another round of beating. If he isn't downstairs its either he was still sleeping since he would have probably drank himself to stupor or he had gone out. Either way I don't want to find out so I skipped breakfast and bolted out of the house. When I was sure I was no longer near the house I relaxed a little and reduced my pace, I really love walking to school because the fresh morning air clears my mind off things and it's the only time I have peace of mind before encountering another set of trouble in school.
         I hate my school but I have no choice but to attend it since I'm on scholarship there and I'll have no money to pay for my tuition fees if I wasn't on scholarship and besides I'm in my final year in high school and very soon within a year I'll enter the university. I hate Decalon High for some reasons.
   One -  I'm pretty sure they give scholarship to tell the world 'Hey we give poor people the chance to study too'
    Two - I get bullied in the school like a lot and I'm always scared to go there. I'm always bullied because of my social status and they call me a waste of space.
        I took a deep breath and entered the school  compound, the school is  very large and white coloured and once you look at it you will know its worth millions to enter, I made my way through the hallway to my locker.
       "Hey the shit have finally showed up" A random guy said to one of the  friends he was talking to.
      "Poor girl, I've never seen anyone as ugly and pathetic as her" Chloe said. I just hung my head low and kept on walking, ignoring their side comments. I've always tried as much as possible to ignore them.
        "Hey nerd, you finally showed up" Andrew shouted.
     Yep, I'm a nerd, the nerd of the school but not the kind of nerd that wears glasses and sits on the  front row but the kind who never misses any class, a straight A student, someone who does all her assignments and I have a perfect attendance. I do all this so that I can get scholarship in any university and move far away from my father. I walked straight to my locker and punched in the code.
      "Vina" I stopped immediately and spun around to face the smiling face of my best friend.
        "What's the matter Evie?" I asked and turned back to my locker to bring out the books I'll use for class
      "Guess what?" She asked cheerily unfazed by my nonchalant attitude." Just guess please" How I became friends with her was a miracle. The principal had called me to show a new student around, I can remember sitting in front of the principal's office as he talked to the new student and It was as if I was having a nervous breakdown as I tried to calm myself by taking in large amount of air, all I had to do was show the student around then allow her to join the group of people who would bully me but after the tour she stuck to me and became my best friend. At first I thought she would leave me when she finds out my social status but she never left and I'm very grateful for that.
    "Vina at least try" She said
     "Okay. Um..." She looked at me expectantly smiling.
       "Justin Bieber came?"
        "Sebastian asked you out?"
         "You bought a new heel?"
          "Seriously" She rolled her eyes.
         "Evie I'm out of ideas"
         "Argh! You're no fun" She said face palming herself.
        "So what's the news?" I asked.
       "Kyle broke up with Hilda" She screeched and we received some glares from the people in the hallway.
     "Seriously? Is that all you have to say?" She asked with disappointment.
       "What do you want me to say Evie?"
       "You are no fun"
         "Okay then, you can go for him" I said putting on a small smile and a thumbs up. I know she doesn't really like kyle, she just want to see Hilda's reaction.
        "You know I'm not into him Vee"
       "I know"
Kyle Russell is the school multi billionaire and playboy his father owns most of the banks worldwide and his mum is a renowned lawyer, the funny part is that kyle is a multi billionaire on his own without his parents help or money. Girls fall for him and since he's a player he uses  them and dumps them.
        "You know...." The bell rang cutting Evie short.
         "I have to go Evie I can't afford to be late" I told her and gathered my books.
       "Yeah yeah"
  I chuckled at her attitude and rushed to class, when I entered the class I went to the desk which I always stay in. It was the second to the last row near the window, I always love to look out the window.
        The teacher came in and everyone settled down then the class started, it was boring as usual. Mr Wilbur was talking about the ancient days and blah blah blah. After the class I immediately went to my locker to bring out books for the next class


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