Poem Titled: MUSIC

Enifay­čÖé2022/05/05 15:53
Poem Titled: MUSIC

Music is the fruit of my soul

It is something that can overfill a bowl

It is my own wisdom,

It is my kingdom

In my mind it tastes like Mead

When music sounds, I feel everything's right

And I feel that I can fight

Also, at times things get turned to songs

As fast as I can I has been along

With some sounds through my head

I listen to music in maximum,

And not in minimum

A day without music is like being in jail,

It is better to read than a mail

To me music can never be dead

When music sounds, my thoughts become blank,

Like as if my head's been hit by a plank

If possible I could make music my wife,

Because it is my life

Music is my vision,

And am going to make it my mission.

By: Arowolo Favour


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