NUJ CHAIRMAN: I pray that next year will be better than this. Leke Adegbite.

Olusegun Adeyemi HOSEA2022/05/02 18:20

NUJ CHAIRMAN: I pray that next year will be better than this. Leke Adegbite

Olusegun Adeyemi HOSEA

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NUJ CHAIRMAN Leke Adegbite

The Chairman of Nigeria Union of Journalists, Ondo State council Prince Leke Adegbite, said that he prayed that next year would be better than this year interm of economy and security for our Country. While speaking with the Press men during the 2022 workers day celebration, Prince said that he was very happy to be part of the workers day because we are also workers. When asked about the promises of the Government to the workers that was not normally come to fulfilment? The Chairman made reference to the "ASUU" crisis in the University system as a typical example. In his words "The ASUU Crisis in the University System is a typical example's of how Government have been making promises and they will not fulfil. We will continue to pray for the right leadership at the national level to ensure that they keep to their promise(s)".

According to Adegbite, Ondo State Government is trying it's best interm of offset about six out of seven salaries arrears that he meant when assumed office. In his words "At Ondo State level, here, Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, when he assumed office, is not that we are praise singing him, he offset about six out of seven salaries arrears that he meant but when economy started crising that was what led to the issue of the irregular payment of the salaries but few days ago, they still paid something. It means that if the money is there, the Government will pay. I think he has trying his best because as of today, Ondo State workers will get their promotion as at when due. In other state, when they promote workers, they don't back it up with financial implementation but in Ondo State, once you are promoted you will be given your financial pay that will be commensurated to the level you are promoted to. I think in Ondo State after the COVID-19, that is when we started having issues with the salary payment. But will pray that the economy will improve and government will begin fulfil his promises to the workers".

In the words of Dare Aragbaye, the special adviser to the Governor on union matter and special duties. He said that there was a lot of improvement interm of coordiality of this year occasion, as workers despite the challenges of task they are facing or found themselves, they still continue to make themselves happy and encourage themselves by acknowledging the modest effort of the present Administration and the hope, trust and the confidence they have in the administration that it will always do the best for them. According to him, this administration is ready to protect the best interest of the work force in Ondo State particularly in the areas of salary arrears, as he believes and trust in God that everything will be alright.

Comrade Tajudeen Balogun

However, the state Chairman of the Academic Staff Union of the Secondary Schools-ASUUS, comrade Balogun Tajudeen thanked God for being alive to see this year workers day. He however expressed the grievances of the union about the occasion, as he believes that there is nothing to write home about especially as it concerns the teaching profession. Among his concerns was lack of the Teachers in the schools, poor remuneration of the Teachers and ridiculous of the allowances that was been paid to the Principal and Vice Principal in the schools. In his words "there is allowance that belong to the achaic century where you have a Principal collecting an allowance of 500 naira and the vice principal collecting 250 naira as well. These are things that does not encourage one". He called on the Ondo government to emulate the Federal Government by adopting the bills that was signed into law by President Muhammadu Buhari which enlongated the years of service and retirement of the Teachers working in the Federal Government institutions. He believes that those who will stay in service after their year of service come to an end will stay while those who doesn't like to continue will go if Government can adopt the same policy here in our state. He berated the Federal Government by saying that they are not concerns about the ASUU strike because their children are not there in most of the universities. According to him, the Government are after the 2023 election. He appealed to the Ondo State Government to pay back log of the salaries allowance and the leave bonus to the workers.

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