Greatest Poem collection

Moni2022/05/01 02:04

Beautiful poems who shows inner awakening, friendship, love, death.

Greatest Poem collection


I am into you completely,

Want if you crush me subtly,

Two eyes keeping eyes in you

Scream loud abusing had you few

Blame me for shaking hands,

Hit my head coffee cup bang,

It's a metal beaten rice for me to fall,

Had I fall you can always stay tall,

Curse me for never having a home

A home I always felt for fade into foam,

Kick me out of your world,

Had you consider I am for gold,

Handshake hello to goodbye had you ever adore,

Let's build our home with mom and dad soar.

Alive death

I was a tiny little bird dove

Learning to fly higher and higher is rubbed,

Had I lit light day and night,

My heart would not be in plight,

My freshly sprouting feather gets blade,

To identify myself a fastest bird crusade,

Invertend I caught with another tangle,

Hallucinated my long empty hand would be filled with bangle,

First day I sensed something wrong,

Blinking eyes once kept it close strong,

Squeezing myself then and now,

Never will I repeat take a vow.

I was alone crossroads,

All my weakness explode,

Had I ever used my head,

A bird won't be wrapped in shred.

A Beautiful Boy

I wonder how you never knew the flowers of love in my heart,

The very first sunrise of my college I noticed a man with beautiful eyes,

Few days later we met when our cycle punchered,

When I saw you on the shop,

I was drawn and it was when I had crush on you,

I wonder how could that man would match me for other,

I now amazed lost in thoughts how had I have expectations who is not that familiar,

I wonder had you ever know what I have for you?

Funny thing I am unaware just like babies what I have for you,

I guess something special I had not for anybody,

I have few words to define to my endless feeling,

Your eyes, I feel the whole universe is in your eyes;

Your softness in voice makes me melt like wax and I flow like river into you and rises like yellow sun,

Your tight hug i feel it more home

I could never leave and slowly get into you and we become one; one breathe

Your heart, more beautiful than anything else,

A quick sneak in your photos tranquilizes me since you prefer my absence,

I want to be a poet to describe a king and queen who never could build monument,

I am afraid that you will leave me

But the memories darling will lie in me,

I will fill my emptiness with our memories.


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