7 Keys to business

Emmie2022/04/30 17:02

Vision, service, honesty, Excellence, Wisdom, Courage, Bold declaration

7 Keys to business

What is business? Business is any endeavor that generates profit. If profit is the final goal, it is a business..


Firstly what you do not see, you can't attain.. Until you see it, then you can get there... That means with no vision there won't be mission..

So you need to know your destination before you embark on it.

That is applicable to business as well


Service must be motivation in business.

The pursuit of service over profit makes you a success.

You must ready to add value to gain value..

The storylines are always loving to hear and motivate others after all the service one had input to attain success


This is one of the rare discipline in the world and also in business as well..

And this develop trust among parties

If a firm lacked this, it approaches it waterloo.


Excellent sells anytime, any day, anywhere

It is a spirit one can practice.

It like one having a habit to practice

To do somethings perfect

I took a sportman like C. Ronaldo for it

He practice to be perfect and I think he achieved through is Excellent mindset.

Creating and having a mindset to be excellent no matter the obstacles and odds.


Wisdom teaches one to use a little resources to achieve much

And how to manage little to generate one desired goal

Wisdom are needed much in these age of technology to invent and to upgrade invented theories and device's

So there is need for much wisdom.


You must develop a lions heart, No chicken hearted person can have a lion share

You have to buckle and believe in yourself and know a journey of a thousand years would surely have a best destination.

And you know no coward could retain or achieve success..


"God bless America"

That was the bold declaration I had heard long time ago when I was young..

This Declaration had been since God knows when and it as been attached even into the logo of this blessed country.

No being on the planet won't want to go on vacation to STATE.

You also bring that bold declaration to your self "I am a success", "I can do it"

Yeah, with time your word will come for you..



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