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Corps Member : Olanrewaju Ajayi bags Chieftancy Title. By Exponent Magazine News.


 Olanrewaju Ajayi

A monarch, Oba Ebenezer Adewumi, the

Olupenmen of Upenmen in Owo local government area of Ondo State has honoured a corps member, Olanrewaju Ajayi with chieftancy title known as Omoluka of Upenmen land for his outstanding performance in the community during his service year.

Omoluka, ( Omoluabi ) means a responsible child.

Olanrewaju a native of Ekiti state and graduate of Rufus Giwa Polytechnic, Owo was part of the Batch ‘A’ (Stream 2) corps members whose passing out ceremony was held last Thursday in Akure the Ondo state capital.

The NYSC coordinator in the state, Mrs Victoria Ani announced during the ceremony that Olanrewaju bagged the chieftancy title “For his meritorious service in his place of primary assignment.

She said: “And as result of his doggedness, hard work, dedication and high sense of responsibility, he was honoured with chieftancy title of Omoluka of Upenmen land.”

The corps member also bagged the NYSC state coordinator’s Award during the passing out ceremony.

Speaking with The Exponent Magazine news, Olanrewaju said: “I am happy and I am honoured for the chieftancy title given to me because I did not plan for this and when His Royal Majesty, Oba Ebenezer Adewumi, the Olupenmen of Upenmen kingdom pronounced this, I was shocked.

“Even that night, I was not able to sleep because I was wondering what I did to deserve the chieftancy title.

“But all thanks to God almighty that I was able to help the community and have a successful service year.

“I pray to God to help me continue the good work and I have always been praying that anywhere God leads me, I will go after this NYSC service.

“I pray for a better Job and if state or federal governments could provide job, I will be glad.

“It is a thing of Joy to be called chief Ajayi Olanrewaju, Chief Omoluka of Omoluka of Upenmen land.”

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