Parents: Pay surprise visit to your children in School.

Olusegun Adeyemi HOSEA2022/04/24 22:29
Parents: Pay surprise visit to your children in School.

PARENTS: pay surprise visit to your Children in School.

By : Exponent Magazine News.

In a live interview carried out by our reporter with Mrs Ibrahim, on the issue of caring for the girls child in our society, our guest have encouraged the parents to take good care of their girls child by way of providing some financial needs to them so that they will not have any cause to look outside for any financial gain from their opposite male sex. In her words


"In my own experience, the way my parents take care of me when I was small, they take good care of me to the extent that I don't have any cause to look outside for any thing as my parents do give me money out of their monthly income any time they received their salary". She also talked about some of the material the girls child needed for their care aside money to be sanitary pad for the caring of their monthly period. According to her, this material is always number one list among the things she used to requested from her parents and this singular request normally gladden the heart of her Daddy because her father used to say to her that this girl knows what she needs. The provision of beverages, like Bournvital ,Milk .e.t.c are also important among the list of materials parents should give to take good care of their girls child in order for them to look healthy. She also made mention of the reasons why some girls who came from good home suddenly started exhibiting bad behaviours in the society due to bad peer influence. According to her " Most parents mighty have done what they ought to have done in time of given their children good advice on how to behaved ,still some of the girls we still go against the instruction of their parents by following bad company in the society. She however, advised parents who have girls child in the high Institutions to pay them a surprise visit from time to time to know how well they are coping and behaving, as this unannounced visit will enable their wards to behaved well in their vicinity. In the same vain , the guest aslo said that parents should know the kind of friends their children keep as this will go along way to give them a true picture of the friends the children are keeping. Also, she gave a little advised to girls to take good care of their materials provided for them by their parents while in school to avoid been disciplined by their parents.She asked parents to trained their girls child to be useful for themselves and the society at large.

In another angle, the speaker said that parents should teach their children about Sex Education and that they should not speak in parable when it comes to the issue of Sex Education because the world we are in now is an exposed world and Children themselves are exposed as well. She also said that parents should be familiar with their children and not too harsh on them to the extent that they will not be able to communicate with you due to lack of fear. She however advised them to be freed with their children and be their friends and by so doing they will be able to give them proper advice on issue they brought for discussion. " Make sure you provide for them and ensured that they know your pocket and we should stop creating fear in them. According to her, Children may asked for any things, but ensure to provide for their needs according to your capacity so that somebody else outside will not be able to attract them with little things. She said


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