Merije2022/04/24 15:04

I thought I had her all along

Never knew I reside in her tongue

I gave her all of my heart

But here, she plays me like an art

I was too blindfolded not to hold her by the hands

I was too silly not to realize her face was gone away from me

I was holding unto her trust

Now I’m pierced and thrust

She’s gone and the next sign is hard to read

I never thought I’d loose her, I guess I wasn’t well taught by my brothers

I never wanted to be strict like the street would teach

But having a faceless side of love was never my desire

Two sides of a coin never surface while it lays

It’s either I pick a side and leave the other

Since the other part of my love is gone and man seem to have put asunder, then allow me let go just like nature gave an order so the new man can get things in order.


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