Shamna2022/04/21 16:43

Finally saved

My saviour



The next day, i read my bible, opened it and saw that verse in Jeremiah 29:11

And i was like okay, is this my answer? From him?

I was so happy, and i told myself that i should remove everything separating me from him, and i started by my playlist and replaced everything by christian songs.

I thought i could not survive without rap but i found out that there are christians'rap, which is also great.

After, i made a timetable for reading the bible and for praying, those were my steps.

One day before going back to school, i read that verse

Isaiah 41:10

After those 2 months of holidays, i finally went to school and weirdly everything was alright, things changed.

The vibe was different, things changed positively

Some people apologized to me for what they did, not directly but indirectly by showing small attentions.

I was so surprised to see how things can change if you walk with God.


Stop overthinking, if it's God will, it will happen and nothing will stop it, if it's not, he has a better plan. What is meant to be, will be.

Like john said in his chapter1:9

In Christ: your past is settled, your present is covered, and your future is secured.


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