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How he came into my life

My saviour

Part 2

It was a sunday i went to church, and the preacher talked about a relationship with God, that was so interesting. A week passed by, and my surrounding started to critisize me, insult me, actually it was the last piece remaining for me to enter in a deep depression.

I was alone, thinking about my life, and i remembered what the preacher said:<< The Lord says: Turn to me now, while there is time. Give me your heart.>>

So i talked to a friend who explained to me more about Jesus and she told me that i had to make some steps to show him that i want him and she added that if i wanted to be friend to him, i had to pray.

<How to pray?> I asked.

<Just talk to him as if you are talking to a friend who is next to you>she replied

Then the same night, i tried, i cried and i told him everything that came out of my mind, i even told him that i hated him, yeah before i used to hate God, after i stopped and slept.


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