Life is a gift

Victorious pen ✍️2022/04/21 06:33

Life is a present,

Life is a complete moments of joy, pleasure, success,

And consolation punctuated through misery, failures, defeat, difficulties, problems, discrimination and negativity.

Life is a present,

Never take it for granted,

Life it is self has a complete meaning,

It is a unique present from God,

Not all are capable of acquire that present,

Some are given for only a quick length of time,

We must continually respect the motive of dwelling,

As existence is given to us.

Life is a present,so we do not should rush it,

And we do not have proper to take it from people,

Only God who've the proper to take it back 

Life is a unique present,

And it is deliver us an possibility for us to 

Act, increase and explicit our virtue,

Each moments opens the direction to us,

To acquire each favoured benefit every day of our existence.

Life is an honor,

And dwelling it on your fullest abilities,

Life has a global of its own

Life is treasured due to the fact it is beautiful,

Life needs to be managed through care.

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