Victorious pen ✍️2022/04/18 10:06

It a day of joy, celebrating of Easter is a great thing to reconnect with God

Easter is a joyous Holiday,

Marked as a season of renewal,

Hope, reconciliation, celebration and reconnection.

Easter is a day of love 

Where we celebrate love 

It is a day of the embracement of new life.

It's an annual season for the showers of blessings

Good health, love and hope,

It's a day for God's love over us,

Sending down his son to die and pay for our sins 

Giving his life for us.

Is the coming of Jesus on earth

To show us how to live,

Love, give and forgive others 

And put others first.

He set out for his divine work

Of paying for our sins 

And making us clean and new in Christ

And gave us new life.

Easter day show us,

He is our saviour

His resurrection proves he is our Lord 

That why we say to everyone

       "HAPPY EASTER".

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