TOHA2022/04/16 22:52

It’s the imagination to go forward

I don’t know what is this but i know that someone will read this.

I’m poor from the beginning of my life. it’s feels like I’m in jail. the whole world is like jail to me. where everything is on system and I’m sick of this system. it is that kind of system there I can’t change the system if i want.why is world like that! It’s the system of money. if i have that money i will get everything. but half of my life already spended to earn money. but still I’m poor. Because I’m not earning to fulfill what I need. sometimes i think why this money is so important! I know the importance of money but why this!the whole world is running behind this. I don’t want money but i need this because it’s the system.

If i think to earn the big amount of money I can’t because I’m not from the rich country. I’m not getting opportunities to earn that money. my thinking level is another level that I can’t express. there is no one to listen to me. I’m tired and I’m broke. I hope tomorrow world will be better. but it’s only my imagination. I want to see the better tomorrow …today.

I know it’s only wish.


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