Victorious pen ✍️2022/04/15 08:04

A soul of lamentations, full of guilt, fears and discouraged

Crying soul

A soul that whispers in tears and agony

Is now hiding in a dark room

To no longer be seen nor be heard

A soul frightened of this small world

Never to be abused nor molester with the aid of humans

A soul locked up without assistance from friends and its circle of relatives

A soul that is placed to silence with the need of suicide 

all in the shape of depression and being disowned by family and friends.

That needs to be grown to become much as the world.

A soul feeling satisfied with disguise

A soul that couldn't experience the warmth of relatives

One that needs to be cherished always

A soul that is included without a wondering truck

A soul that sucks and appears without a future in its body

A soul that ponders why it was delivered to the world

One that needs its tears heard

One haunting for a vivid understanding so to be helped

A soul that prays in heavy tears with pain

That doesn't see mild however only darkness

But still needs to experience the mild to be safe

A soul caged

And requires to be drawn out of thorns into paradise

A soul that needs to look at reality and now doesn't lie

One that needs to be experienced and no longer be ignored

A soul soul with of goals to to be a hero to all eyes

One that prays for divine intervention to be granted in a great manner by the Lord

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