Poeticfi2022/04/14 05:13


Even when my kisses no longer say

The words that brightens up your day


When my touch no longer pulls you to my side 

Even when your mind is miles away


Even when your smiles dries up quicker than yesterday 

And my laughter no longer drives sadness out of your face 

So much that your heart no longer feels the warmth of my gaze 

Filled with bubbles of love but all you feel is hate


Even when quarrels makes us wanna break

All the promises we made when our heart was in the comfort of better days 

Even when doubts Putin shes for change coz our mind goes restless with every hey 

Stay baby stay

Even when our hearts feels tired with rage 

And there’s nothing left to say to conquer the space 

But just minutes of silence with nothing to hear 

And with nothing in placev


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