Does love exist?

Victorious pen ✍️2022/04/11 12:46

Love exist however consciousness extra in your life

Does love exist?

Admire your attitude went 

Were you with fortitude?

I by no means noticed the wickedness in your fist

A peak of wickedness that made me ask

Does love exist?

Is it simply emotions?

Cuz I do not apprehend it is notion

In the theatre of care, I noticed in your hearts list

Traits that made me think, does love exist?

A satan encrypted In a saints dress.

I gave you my coronary heart however you made me revolve.

His coronary heart isn't always an amazing receptionist

I questioned if love exists?

The pigeon is turning into a vulture

Your coronary heart has a chameleon that it nurtures

With the encrypted smile of a capitalist

I stood misplaced withinside the thoughts, does love exist?

Love has been given a black cloth

Devils have duplicated copies of affection worth

With which they get the overdue hour

They'll cry, does love exist?

Love exist however consciousness extra in your life

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