Anawureyi2022/04/10 14:40

Oh the pain!!

She walks around her street late at night

The pain in her chest is beginning to choke her to death....

she goes out to moon bathe and the stars begins to overwhelm her, she get lost in it's beauty for a moment....

She tries to let the cool breeze of the night take her pain away with kept drowning her and all it wanted was her to be dead

She held a huge smile on her face but no more.....she has become a shadow of her self....

She sits on the grass in the silent night, giving no attention to the creepy crawlers..

she's lost in her own thoughts but for some reason she finds it safe there 朮 away from the world..

But oh no there is something in her hands

This when the demon in her begins to take over...... She begins to engrave her brokeness on her hand 朮

ooh shit that should hurt.....

She stares at her hands and watch the red stuff drip slowly ....

She didn't want to die but all she wanted was her body to feel the pain her inside soul felt

She felt her soul weep ..but her eyes couldn't weep with her soul so she made her body pay for what her eyes got tired of doing...

She screaming for help but isn't heard because the scream is in her head朮 her hands are on her ears tugging tightly her hair wondering when this will all be over朮

She finally looks to the stars again it gave her peace and the moon shone on her giving her hope....

She found herself falling asleep, tears stain on her cheeks and dried up blood on her hand

let's pray this doesn't become a routine 朮


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