Victorious pen ✍️2022/04/09 06:17

Sometimes I lock my eyes with you

Drop of love

Sometimes I lock my eyes with you

Sometimes you steal a "Glance"

What spell have you cast on me 

You embraced me with a cup of smiles

And love in your heart to me.

My heart's says "I LOVE YOU".

I quite adore the feeling I had for you 

My desire for you has lost control.

You smile is like having a bowl full of roses 

I can't express it well

But my heart and self have fallen in love with you.

My love you are marvellous

Kiss me, my love

Oh! Love 

You do apprear in my dreams 

Full of lights and brightness

When you come Infront of me 

My heart's lament in joy.

Love, it difficult to live without you on earth

It's a magical feeling for you "love"

That why my heart beats says 

I love you.

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