Michael Skylas2022/04/08 14:48

Born without Hope as I walk through the gate of sorrow, sufferings, pain, regrets and sadness Then came a light, a hope, my hope


A child no one cares to help, born without hope, as I walk through the gate of sorrow, suffering, pain and sadness. My existence on Earth, covered in darkness as I search for my way out to the light. I grew up eating from dustbins. The left overs of all Humans meal.

How cruel the world is, for I am treated with rejection like an outcast. I was born and Abaddon right from birth, my life have had no hope, raised by a old woman, yet still suffered in her hands.

In my struggle of life, at age 22, I found love.

How beautiful Mary was, inspite of how the world have treated me, I found Mary unconscious, having been raped, I took her home and treated her until she gain her strength again. She fell Inlove with me and I with her. Then I knew Mary is my hope to a new beginning

(Full story will be out soon)


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