Mike Ssendikwanawa2022/04/08 13:12



You May Be Emotionally Or Physically Hurt And Broken Down By Several Life Situations Or People Doings. Nevertheless, Take Chance To Forgive Them, Let Go And Move On.

You May Be Scarred For Life Due To Various Forms Of Hatred And Social Neglect. But Does Not Define You In Anyway, You're A Loving Person, So Take Chance To Love Again.

You May Be Hit By Financial Set Backs That It Feels Tempting To Give Up. But Today, I Urge You To Take Chance To Work Again Because The Best Alternative Left Is To Always Keep Going Forward.

It's True That You've Lost Your Dear One(s) And Somehow Life Feels Worthless Today. Nevertheless, Take Chance To Live Again, For Your Loss Is Part Of Your Life Journey But NOT It's End.

...Mike Ssendikwanawa...

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