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The love for my dad, I am grateful I have a dream dad who is ready to put a smile on our face, I love you dad

Dream Dad

Come to me my dream dad

My coronary heart yearned in an exasperated space

I'm bored with being with a father that is usually sad

A warrior that smiles is not even aware of his face.


He places up a grin in a loopy manner withinside the presence of the outlandish with the beautiful coloration of appeal and care.

My dream dad is social, a happy giver 

A coronary heart that take care of others earlier than his

You an excessive amount of dad

One who cherish his spouse and kids

And deal with his spouse in a manner so special 

A dad that may climate the storm with a grin on his face.

One who is aware of that guys go to the kitchen

Not a hungry hyena that does not assist with the dishes one who is equipped for obligations and his spouse he listens and kids he take care of 

A dad who does his wishes.

A dad that isn't always myopic

With the tentacles of an octopus he spreads his palms of love, now no longer cussed just like the builder of the great however one whose humility is diagnosed above.

A dad whose mindset is good as candy

A dad who's a terrific warrior and a hero

A dad who is prepared to combat for his family

A guy of Honor, dignity, courage

A guy who isn't always terrified of winning

A guy who's decided and blessed with quite a few talents ..

You choose to be blessed and first-rate as our dream dad.

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