Miss Money Maker

Nameless2022/04/08 09:17

She can do all sorts of things when she is offered money. Call her anytime.....


In the cool afternoon while coming from school, a Standard 7 student was involved in a fight with some of seniors. He was partly injured while going home. Instead of going straight home he went somewhere to meet a female friend. She was not his girlfriend to be clear. She was much older than him. More like his mother. She found her washing clothes “Hello sis,” he said to her “You, how many times do I have to tell you that I am not your sister?” “Well you are not my mother either.” “Then call me by my name.” “You are much older than me more like my mother.” “What do you want?” “Some boys beat me up on my way home.” “So? Is this your home?” With that kind of speaking the boy knew that he wasn’t going to be helped “Can you go now?” “Yes I’m going.” “Wait. So what if they beat you up?” she asked while turning to him “I thought you were going to protect me?” “Am I your mother?” “I’m going.” “Do you have money?” “If you don’t want to help me then it’s okay.” “I hate doing charity work. Anyway, tell me what happened?” They sat down and the boy started explaining his side of the story “So you mean you didn’t start them?” “I didn’t. They came from nowhere and started harassing me.” “Where are they from?” He told her all he knew about the offenders “No need to worry. I will just have to go to my mother’s home then I will visit them tomorrow.” “But sis I don’t want any fights.” “What was the need to come and tell me about them then? I will visit them and deal with them accordingly. And anyway it’s not like you paid me to do the job. I can only listen to you if you had paid me.” “I have to hurry home.” “Do the chores for me in exchange.” The boy started working. He started with the plates, then he cleaned the house and lastly he cleaned the surrounding “You can go.” “I should rest a bit.” “You know there is no free work on earth.” “According to you everything shouldn’t come so easily. But I like your style.”


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