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Significant Importance of a Bat

The Bat

Funny how most people do associate Bats with DARKNESS AND EVIL; This negative attitude towards bats is thought to stem from the difficulty many people find in comprehending their unusual physical form.

The Bat means a lots of things which most people don’t really know about… The Bat symbolism and meanings include Community, Longevity, Maneuverability, Balance, Good Fortune, Evolution, and Supernatural Powers…

Speaking of Community, most bats live in large colonies with other bats, sometimes in hundreds of thousands. Biologists surmise that Bats learn about the safe places to roost from other bats. In essence; As a symbol of community, the bat knows there is safety in numbers and value in being part of a community of like-minded individuals. If the bat spirit animal ressonates with you or suddenly makes themselves known to you, it can be a sign for you to tap into the power of community more; whether for work, a shared cause, recreation, or some other reason, the bat reminds you to not go alone- find others whose goals and values align with yours. As a saying says, if you want to go fast, go alone but if you want to go far, don’t go alone i.e. go with people of likeminds as you… No wonder the bats live long which leads us to their next significance… LONGEVITY

Bats are known to live for a long time… Fun fact; Bats have also inhabited the earth for a very long time -over 50 million years while humans have only been here for about 2.8 million years… and because they have lived on earth for so long, the Bat is a symbol of longevity. The Bat is viewed positively as a symbol of Wisdom and Longevity. The Bat reminds you that YOUR BEST YEARS ARE AHEAD OF YOU. In addition, the Bat spirit animal reminds you that nothing can make up for experience - one of the gifts of getting older. “Lovely Memories are Precious”.

Meditate on the longevity of the bat when you consider things on your life that you want to withstand the test of time, such as a relationship, your health, or a project. Bat energy helps to ensure that it will be built the last… The bat energy gives hope to the hopeless and faith to the faithless.

To furthermore, if you’ve ever seen a bat flying, it can look like they’re a bit out of control… Bats have a high level of control as they fly. However, Bats have excellent manoeuvrability skills. As a symbol of maneuverability, the Bat reminds you to be flexible and quick on your feet. You may feel like you face more challenges and obstacles than others do - even like that the deck is stacked against you; The Bat is a reminder that it’s not a matter of more problems, more obstacles, or even more stress - IT’S HOW YOU DEAL WITH THEM.

The Bat says - if things are not going your way or you feel like you’re heading in the wrong direction - MANEUVER!! Envision your ability to pivot and adjust. You might even imagine the skills that Batman or Batgirl displays as they dodge bullets and speed away in the bat mobile. Know that whatever comes your way, you have the power to manoeuvre and create better outcomes.

The Bat is a very misunderstood animal. Its assosiation with nighttime, vampires, and even diseases, like COVID-19(which is unproven yet), has given it a bad reputation but little do we know its importance in the balance of Life and Nature. The reality is that, like the bee and the butterfly, the bat is critical for supporting life on earth… In essence, the bat keeps things in balance. Another interesting fact about bats is that vampire bats will care for and feed elderly or sick bats in their colony. They will also adopt and care for baby bats who lose their mother. In other words, the bat is eager to pick up the slack and fill in when needed.

If the bat is your spirit animal or if a Bat suddenly makes themselves known to you, you may be in a situation where you are called to fill in for a co-worker or care for someone in your life who needs help. A willingness on your part to help is your way of keeping things in Balance. This Selflessness means you are in tune with the positive forces of the universe. Likewise, the bat may also be reminding you to keep your own life in Balance.

The Bat also signifies good fortune, prosperity and abundance. In fact, the Chinese view the bat as a sign of good luck, wealth and happiness. If a bat or bats come into your life, view it as a positive sign of good fortune coming your way. You may have heard the saying “blind as a bat”. This adage eventually has no merit, as bats have excellent eyesight and nighttime vision. So the bat spirit animal combines the winning combination of good fortune and the ability to visualise what you want to happen. Visualization, including imaging the action steps to achieve your goals, is a vitally important practice for making your dreams come true…

Now diving a bit into evolution, the bat is unique in that they are the only mammals who evolved to fly. As a symbol of evolution, the bat reminds you of your own power to evolve. In fact, this is the nature of our souls’ existence here on earth in this lifetime: to learn and evolve on a spiritual level. The bat spirit animal reminds you that every lesson and every setback is an opportunity. Sometimes the biggest challenges and the most painful heartaches are our best learning experiences. The bat says - KEEP MOVING FORWARD BECAUSE YOU ARE LEARNING TO FLY.

The last but not the least; Supernatural Powers… Bats can easily navigate in the dark and they can hear sounds in frequencies that we cannot. Because of their sensory powers and the fact that they are mainly nocturnal, the bat has long been associated with the supernatural world. Some ancient cultures believed that bats moved freely in and out of the land of the living and that of the dead. As a symbol of supernatural powers, the bat spirit animal reminds you that there is far more going on than what many people experience in their busy daily lives. If you come across a bat, it can be a sign to tune into your intuition and spirit guides more. We all have this capability. Finding stillness through prayer or meditation and being in nature can help to fine-tune our intuitive abilities.

Maybe you’ll create a bat cave for yourself, where you can go, be still, and to tune into your super-conscious… Being a bat not only reminds you of things, but also puts you in your right consciousness…

Beware the use of Metaphors!!!



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