Nameless2022/04/03 15:34

The first love never forget

When i Was in 10th clas in the school. I was very intelegent in the class . Al teacher love me. Suddnely my life change. One day i saw a girl. She was very beautifull. We teach in the same school. She was very funny girl. I always see her. I love him at the end of school life .my examination near and i can't read anything. I only see her all time. I love him very much.first she ignore me. Butt after some days she also like me. We spend many time each other. We love each other. First she was very happy but after som days she worried about my examination and leave from school aftr exam. I cannot wants to leave school

.she was in middle class.

But after some days i leave school after examination.i am very worried and Cry when i leave that school. She was also woried.

Butt i leave her and her school. After that we never meet each other.

I really mis her very much. 💔💔💔💔💔


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