My GuyBestfriend🌍❤

Nameless2022/04/01 13:41

Tu dost nahi meri Jaan hai#kutteee

My GuyBestfriend🌍❤

My GuyBestfriend🌍❤

I got MY BESTFRIEND for the first time in College.🥰

You all might hav heard of Love at first sight but i hav experienced friendship at first sight🤭😎. Isn’t it Amazing How a person who was once a stranger suddenly mean the whole world to u😭🌍❤

Its still crazy how our bond was getting stronger n stronger day by day,n less than A Year v became damn so close😵.V both Shared our deepest Secrets🤫(wen I say I won't tell anyone my Bestfriend doesn't count)1 million memories😍, omg!!our inside jokes🤭🤫,those laughters we had together are the priceless moments of my life.we didnt realize we were making memories we just knew v were having fun😂🥳

Not everyone is Lucky to have a Bestfriend like You,I am very Glad,proud and Blessed to call u my Bestfriend.u are my sunshine in a cloudy sky.U always know the Right solution to my Problem,I get the most Genuine and practical advices from u #Guptmantri Ji

But,I was really an innocent being then u came in my life with ur dirty mind.. u have the superpower to take something from a conversation and make it sound dirty😂

We are Soo crazy Together 😵🙏but u just know to open ur mouth to tease me😏🤷🏻‍♀️but I m no less bro😎😤

As your best friend I'll always pick you up when you fall, after I finish laughing😏🤣💯

But But I will trust u and believe u even if the whole world is against you.even if every1 leaves, Your Bestfriend is always with you.

If you are alone, I’ll be your shadow. If you want to cry, I’ll be your shoulder. If you need a hug, I’ll be your pillow. If you need a friend, I’ll be there❤

Non Blood Relation sometimes bcm more than that🩸

Thankyou for coming in my life, Thankyou for making me smile crazy, Thankyou for making me happy

Dear Bestfriend I will always choose you Above all and I promise to always stick by ur side no matter wat,I Love u Soooo Much Bestu, I find my second self in u😘🤗❤

A TrueFriendship is 1soul in 2bodies so is our friendship Veeree💎👑🖇💞

Note:Above is just an intro abt our Bestfriendship

I will never finish writing if it's about My Bff😂🙅🏻‍♀️


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