Qoute that can change your life

Freeman2022/03/30 23:53

Qoute that can change your life


Some of the great men are men who cut their way of success through hardship. Is not history that makes men, but is men that makes history.

Is not unfortunate that strong men study history, legend creat history, but ultra legends clean history.

Many great men existed in this world, some of their qoutes are powerful and capable to transform life to a better place. Is not something new that some are making mockery of motivational speakers.

Let take a look at their qoutes.


ALBERT EINSTEIN said"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different result".

Some people are not making any progress because they fail to change their mentality for good. They keep on following one procedures in life without making another genuine good attempt.


ABRAHAM LINCOLN said"If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I used six hours sharping my axe".

Some people that succeed in life don't just wake up and becomes successful, instead they prepared for it very well before taking action.

Take for instance, the best graduating students. They don't just come out to become the best, instead that might have burn candles when others are sleeping or when others are not aware.


HENRY FORD said"Don't find fault,find remedies; everyone can complain".

The problems with some Nigerians is that they are good at finding fault, but not good in finding the remedy. Atimes the white are more better because some of them can find the remedy to the fault.

I know that unemployment is in Nigeria, but the issue is how to solve the problem.


MALCON X said"Sometimes you have to pick a gun up to put the gun down".

Is not good to run from failures sometimes, is better to challenge it and defeat it. No matter how hard your genuine dreams are, just pick the gun of courage and God involvement so that you can put down the gun of failure down


OBETTA EMMANUEL FREEMAN said" Fight the worst if you want to be the best; ordinary men search for the best, but genius handle the worst to have the best".

Many want to be the best, but maybe few are able to handle the worst.

Is difficult for someone to be the best if he or she haven't defeated the worst.

So,let us always fight the worst that will hinder us from being the best. The worst can be your weakness, so fight and conquer it first before you start searching for the best.


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