My life diary: loved again

Cute nikki2022/03/30 19:56

A girl who suffered a lot from her mother death is reborn not to make the same mistake.

Part one

Chapter one : my life

"Emily you bitch!..... I saw you coming out of grandpa's room, don't lie here, we all know you killed grandpa!!!!" My stepmother Mrs Li cursed. "Mother, this is not it. I went to see if grandpa was awake and u saw him in a pool of blood I wanted...."

Pahhhhhh, the sound hovered across the room as I was hit hard on the cheek by grandpa li .

" grandma" I said in between tear "you know I was not the one, you TRUST me right?" I said trying to find it in my mother in law's eye

"Emilia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" My grandma roared " out!!!!" She said looking awayyyyy. "No, no u have to believe me, I was framed " I said weeping profusely. Just then my eyes wandered across the room. Li Cheng, Tang mingyan, Mother, they were all smiling.... They did this.

As I walked out of the old mansion I was devastated. None believed me.... I was framed, just then the rain poured heavily, SHItttt not now. I thought of li Cheng's baby in mee, how will I raise you. Just then a black sports car sped across the muddy road.

"BANG!!!!!!!" there was an accident.


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