The Star - little cosmologist

Little Cosmologist2022/03/28 16:03

A brief, jerking summation of the young heart pining for love - and the bitter resentment that grows when her love goes unrequited. Note that her enmity is focused on this elusive 'her', and the lover himself is portrayed as gentle and giving - a gross overstatement, Ladies and Gentlemen. @little.cosmo

The Star - little cosmologist

The Star - anon.

The Star

by anon.

Her name mutters


whispers through my bones

As if every fiber is surrounded

by her.

Not by choice do I linger.

Not by choice do I listen.

I do not dare speak. She is

e v e r y w h e r e.

She drowns me out, like a Growing

crescendo of genteel manners, smiles , Of fluttering hearts and fleeting ephemeral touches.

And here I stand.

Alone - an eternity away from

your lingering gaze, your gentle,

giving heart.

The stars are my comfort -

the silence my only friend.

Here I wait for you - for her.

Did you ever even listen to me?

Or was my voice but an echo, too distant by far?

Was I ever anything but a distant


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