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a poem concerning a young boy in persuit to deliver the continent from slavery


Buy me a cannon,
Just a grand for the grand openning.
Daddy's dagger would fit the war jargon,
Pack me a dag
A dag offered by the dagon.
The black armour we lost at the sphinx,
The treasure enslaved by the colour is calling.

Echo to the black mental slave is calling,
Sad my leaders needs polling
Polling to answer nam lolwe's calling
I can hear ankhu black pole dancing in the crafted mental cells
Wailing with joy of the white rod
The rod exploring the slaves ignorance,
The respected bearded slave now needs a menstral cycle .

Respected queens now needs divorce ,
The vice that makes them belive
believe to live
Craving to rave not with dave but the white feminine wave
The wave engraved with a gold name
A name that changed the black queen  into living graves .

Mami let me part,
Let me kiss you goodbye .
Tune to the frequency of a rebel
Select my letter wisely,
Only a few mail agent will bring the right copy
If the rift becomes so mutual  bury me Near the valley beyond the rift .
Let my young amandala.
Let him hold with a pride at the banks of lolwe let her whisper the mission to her.

poet :Abel Nkarichia


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