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Fame muzic


Life is not as easy as you think. Road to success comes with lots of Bumps. You have to pass every hurdle with care to survive in the competition and stay on the way to success. Some remain on-road, and some don't and give up their dreams in halfway.

We spot one Punjabi talent who is no afraid of failures. Every hurdle in his life has given him new hope and energy, even to work harder. Similarly this young lad Fame Muzic is a well known music director in industry. 

But as we say success never comes so easy. Fame Muzic started his career in 2011 but he got recognition in punjabi industry by 2016 with song Pehla Akhar by Uday Gill. He worked with well known artists whom we listen to on our daily basis. 

He gave melodies to various song such as 

Begum by Mankirat aulakh,Pinn Bumb Ddi by Parry Sidhu,Raahe Raahe by Khan saab, Phone te ishq by Parry Sidhu, Little boy,Mugshot by singga, Diwali by navjeet, Absence by Harvi, Jatt ne o jatt by Maud, Aunde rahe by Param Sabi, 2 Percent by Aarde, Game 2 by Elly Mangat, Aukaat by Raman gill, Rondi Car by Veetbaljit, Dil tod gyi by Shehbaz Badesha, Wow Baby by DC Pardhaan, Try fer vey by Raman gill, Chanel Mehakda by Parry Sidhu, Akh by Kartaar gill,  Bottle Vargi by Rosleen Sandlas, Game Over by Jassi Banipal, Gentleman by Robey Singh, & many more. His melodies got appreciated by the audience. 

There were many ups & downs in his career but he never let his hopes down. He stayed motivated and worked harder than the last time to overcome his failures. Fame Muzic coming up with more music and melodious song in future. 


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